fondazione-di-vittorioThe new Fondazione Di Vittorio (FDV) is the result of the gradual unification of some previous CGIL-related institutes (ABT, IRES, ISF, SMILE) and is now going to become the only national Confederation’s institute both for historical, social, economic research and for trade union education and training.

The new FDV is organized in three main areas of activity: History and Memory; Research; Training and several thematic observatories and sections
The History and Memory Area mostly focuses on the study of the history of the CGIL, of the working class and labour movement in Italy and other countries.
The Research Area intervenes in the following thematic sectors: economics, employment and labour market, working conditions, industrial relations, welfare, territorial development and sustainability.
The Training Area focuses on the fields of trade union higherlevel education, and the training of specialists and trainers.

Industrial relations and working conditions are investigated, with a national and comparative approach, in the fields of wage policy and dynamics, collective bargaining systems, participatory
models, employee representation, union revitalisation, work organisation, and health and safety at the workplace.



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