I.T.E.M. - Fostering employee involvement at company level by training the main actors dealing with European multinationals

ITEM is aimed at the design and implementation of a training course for trade union representatives in order to improve knowledge about EWC , the negotiation process , their constitution and functioning.

It involves the realization in each partner country of 3 training courses , including one addressed to policy officers who maintain industrial relations with multinational companies ; one addressed to the delegates in the workplace; and one addressed to members of EWCs.

The three courses want to be an experimental model for the purpose of developing training standards replicable on the local basis for the actors involved in industrial relations of multinational companies at different levels, to allow the dissemination of knowledge and expertise to policy officers and delegates wishing to start negotiations for an EWC or part thereof, as well as enable them to strengthen trade union cooperation with those countries in which multinationals of their sectors act, for a greater capacity for trade union’s intervention in anticipating and managing change.

It will be held a transnational workshop on the rights of information , consultation and participation for EWC members in order to deepen the mechanisms and procedures.

Finally , the results will be presented at a European conference , which will disseminate a guide for trade union trainers . This will encourage the spread at European level of the teaching methods used during the project.

Project Outline