Workers’ Education and Training College was established in 2003 in order to meet adequate the challenges caused by dynamic social-economic reforms, which reflect on industrial relations in national, European and international context.

The purpose of WETCO is to offer the expert team, the present and potential trade union members and citizens the following services: in time information, opportunities to acquire systematic and advanced knowledge, qualification and skills to increase their competitiveness.


In order to enlarge the influence of the modern industrial relations among the civil society the College is offering to the Trade Unions’ structures and interested NGOs and persons:

  • Trade union training
  • Vocational Education and training
  • Civil Education
  • Career Guidance, Information and Counseling

The College offers and provides Trade Union training on: Main Trade Union rights, Motivation and Trade Union memberships, Social and Labour Legislation, Organizational knowledge and organizational building, Labour legislation – European, International and National, Insurance Legislation, Industrial relations, Collective Bargaining, Health and Safety at work, Labour market policy etc. We also assure Qualification and Re-qualification: Vocational Education and Training as well as Career Guidance and Workplace training; Key Competences training, Project Management, Communications, Training of trainers etc.

The College provides:

  • Updated information for the opportunities and the financing sources of training activities
  • Potential partners
  • Training of trainers on prioritized topics by using advanced interactive methods
  • Education on project’s elaboration, implementation and management
  • Elaboration of methodological, training and advertising materials and participation in designing and adaptation of new training materials
  • Tailor-made training programs and modules, which could be adapted to the learners’ needs.


Ms Yuliya Simeonova, Executive Director

Phone. (+359 2) 4010 472/649/460

Fax: (+359 2) 988 59 69

E-mail: wetco@citub.net