I Course – CCOO Catalunya

I Course – CCOO Catalunya




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General Objective

“Improve use of European Information + Consultation tools at CCOO of Catalonia”

Specific Objectives:

  • Knowledge of European TU priorities &challenges in the framwork of the XIIIth ETUC Congress
  • Promoting the importance of ‘union confluence’ in Europe
  • Presentation of existent tools and instances to exercise Information and Consultation rights
  • Promoting of the improvement and creation of European Work Councils
  • Dinamization and cohesion of the leading team of CCOO of Catalonia
  • Reinforcing the internal debate and renewal of Trade Union culture facing new challenges (Europe…)

Seminar Structure:

  1. The ETUC Congress. Central pillars. The Paris Manifesto. The role of ETUC
  2. Different Trade Union models in Europe. Different histories, same challenges
  3. Diversity of models = diversity of answers to the crises. References
  4. Union models are relative. What about a European model?
  5. How can we get nearer? Common Information and Consultation resources: ETUC, EF, IRTUCs, EWCs, Projects…
  6. EWC: an important opportunity to improve and develop a coherent Union action at European level.
  7. Evaluation